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Make Numeral Writing Fun!

A parent told me recently that her child enjoyed learning how to write her numbers from the little tricks I was teaching in my Early Education Enrichment classes. She asked me to send them to her so she could use them at home. I thought I would share them with others.

  1. 1 is easy, 1 is fun, just a line and then you’re done!

  2. Around and back on a railroad track.

  3. Around the tree, around the tree, that is how you make a three.

  4. Make an L, back to the top, go down some more, you made a four!

  5. Short neck, belly fat, Mr. Five has a hat.

  6. Down the slide and around the loop.

  7. Across the sky and down from heaven, that is how you make a seven.

  8. Make an S but do not wait, go back up and close the gate.

  9. A circle and a line make a nine.

More information on preschool and kindergarten enrichment classes can be found at

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