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EEE Investment Opportunity


You may be interested in owning your own business, but with Early Education Enrichment you will not have to do it alone.

The EEE Payment Plan

The total cost of the EEE Program is $5,000. This includes hundreds of reading, writing and math lessons for both preschool and kindergarten as well as instructions on how to teach each lesson. You will also receive subscriptions to popular teacher resources used in the program, your own website page and website maintenance, marketing materials, public relations support and curriculum updates. You will have a wealth of information, organized in an easy to use format, so you can teach preschool and kindergarten with confidence.

  1. If you charge $200 per student for an 8-week session, you will make your initial investment back with the first 25 students.

  2. The EEE program materials are a write-off on your taxes.

  3. Each session of the EEE curriculum incorporates a strong review of the previous session so you have the flexibility to start teaching EEE during the fall, winter, spring, or summer sessions.

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