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History of EEE

Early Education Enrichment (EEE) was developed in 2006 by educator and mother of three, Cindy Venckus, who had a vision to provide an enriched learning environment for her children, and their friends throughout the community.
Although the local school system was preparing her children for the future through its standard curriculum, Cindy had a personal passion to give her children more than the status quo.
With her heart leading the cause, Cindy drew on her Masters Degree in Elementary Education and created her own fun and engaging educationally-based activities to enhance what her children were learning in school.  In a short period of time, Cindy’s students looked forward to their enrichment activities, which gave them a boost in the classroom that their teachers noticed and embraced throughout the entire school year.
As time went on, word of this professional early education enrichment concept spread around the neighborhood; Cindy’s enrichment classes surged with participation from preschool and kindergarten students from throughout the community and a new business was born.
Today, Early Education Enrichment offers a comprehensive, multi-sensory learning platform that parents across the country can offer to their own community — as a home-based business.
“EEE is not only developing children’s love of learning, it’s enriching entire communities. And, it’s providing the opportunity for our teachers to work out of their homes and add to their family income.  It is my continued dream to bring these opportunities to communities throughout the United States.”
For more information about the educational and personal development benefits that your child can receive, visit our Parent  pages on this website.
For more information about becoming an EEE Teacher and how to bring this advanced learning program into your community, visit How to be an EEE Teacher on this website.
To connect directly with us, visit our Contact page or call us directly at 773-800-1543.
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