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Why Teach for EEE?


EEE has a high probability for success in your area.

  • fulfills a need in communities for an enriched preschool and kindergarten experience

  • demonstrates proven success in providing kids with a strong start to education

  • operates successfully in multiple markets

  • very little competition

EEE is a smart financial investment.

  • requires only a small investment to get started

  • provides a quick return on investment

  • low fixed overhead

  • high profit margins

  • parents view the classes as educational and therefore feel the tuition is money well spent

EEE is the smart choice for you and your family.

  • make your own hours

  • enjoy year-round income

  • receive comprehensive program materials

  • classes follow the school schedule

  • operate as a part/full time business

  • family-friendly hours

  • do not have to be a teacher to be successful

  • easy to understand and operate

  • thrive in any economy by providing affordable classes to parents who put education first on their list of expenditures

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