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Why EEE?

Early Education Enrichment (EEE) offers Preschool and Kindergarten Enrichment classes that are fun, interactive, and multi-sensory. Kids ages 4 – 6 learn through playing games, singing songs, and doing hands-on activities. The EEE curriculum covers concepts in math, reading, and writing that your child needs to start school with confidence.
EEE classes are taught in small differentiated groups
Providing a learning environment where children can fully engage in the lesson without distractions, learn at a developmentally appropriate level, and get one-on-one attention from the teacher.
At Early Education Enrichment, our programs:

  • Build social skills and self-confidence

  • Strengthen reading fluency and comprehension

  • Develop strong early writing skills

  • Engage kids’ interest in math concepts

  • Encourage kids to reach their full potential

  • Increase kids’ desire for learning

  • Enhance problem-solving skills

  • Motivate kids to become life-long learners

Register for a class today and give your child a strong start to education.
Program Information:
  • Classes are semi-private with only 3-4 kids in each class.

  • Classes are 1 hour in length.

  • We offer three 8-week courses that take place during the school year in the fall, winter, and spring and a week-long class in the summer for both Bridging into Kindergarten and Bridging into First Grade.

  • Students receive a take-home folder and weekly homework to reinforce concepts covered in class.

  • Classes follow a typical schedule and structure important for early childhood development.

  • Cost varies depending on location.

Request Free Materials

Parents will receive: Sample Lesson, 1 Hour Class Observation, and a Parent Testimonial.

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