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First Grade Enrichment

Learning is Fun
Leading educational research and experience-based knowledge have been combined to create an engaging comprehensive curriculum for first grade children. First Grade Enrichment provides developmentally appropriate and engaging lessons in reading, writing and math.
Program Highlights

Students will…

  • practice writing a well-constructed paragraph.

  • develop an understanding of different writing styles including opinion, narrative and informative.

  • engage in activities that promote reading comprehension and fluency.

  • discuss reactions to literature and develop an understanding of story elements such as character, setting, plot, and problem and solution.

  • engage in activities that promote reading skills, including grammar skills, parts of speech, phonics, and vocabulary development.

  • participate in shared reading and writing activities.

  • engage in explorations that promote number sense, mathematical thinking, and mathematical terms.

  • develop an understanding of place value, expanded notation, time, money, measurement, story problems and number riddles.

Request Free Materials

Parents will receive: Sample Lesson, 1 Hour Class Observation, and a Parent Testimonial.

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