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Preschool Enrichment

Leading educational research and experienced-based knowledge have been combined to create an engaging comprehensive curriculum for preschool-age children that combines learning with play. Preschool Enrichment provides developmentally appropriate lessons and activities in reading, writing, and math.
Program Highlights

Students will…

  • engage in multi-sensory activities that promote pre-reading skills, including phonological awareness, phonics, and vocabulary development.

  • create their own phonics journals.

  • discuss their reaction to literature and develop an understanding of story elements such as character, setting, and plot.

  • identify the sounds they hear at the beginning, middle, and end of words.

  • strengthen rhyming skills through a variety of games and activities.

  • participate in writing activities that develop accurate letter and number formation.

  • engage in explorations that promote number sense and mathematical thinking.

  • develop an understanding of counting, skip-counting, number identification, shapes, patterns, and basic math terms.

Request Free Materials

Parents will receive: Sample Lesson, 1 Hour Class Observation, and a Parent Testimonial.

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