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10 Tips For Reluctant Readers

Are you looking for ways to get your reluctant reader to start turning the pages? Begin by determining what your child is passionate about and use it to gauge their interest in reading. Do they like soccer, Legos, hairstyles, or animals? There are plenty of books and activities in every area of interest.

Get a Subscription – Kids love to get mail. Sign your child up for a magazine or book club and re-ignite their interest in reading every time the mailman comes.

Start a Book Club – Start a neighborhood book club with 5-7 friends. Each member gets to select a book to read that month and the parents host all the kids for a pizza dinner and comprehension contest. Consider having a traveling trophy for the reading warrior with the most correct answers.

Collect Trading Cards – Reading the information on trading cards is a great way to sneak in a little reading and you can find trading cards on a variety of topics from sports to animals to PokeMon.

Perform a Play – Find a script online and gather some neighborhood kids. Then assign each child a role and give them all a copy of the script to practice at home. Then, invite them over to make costumes and practice the play together. When parents pick up it is show time.

Go on a Scavenger Hunt – Hide various items around your house and give kids written clues to find the items.

Start a Lunch Box Notes Tradition – Put a note in your child’s lunchbox each day.

Research – Pick one amazing animal a day and look up interesting facts. Maybe your child would rather research sports professionals or states.

Find an Email Pal – Find a friend across the country, across town or across the street and start an email exchange.

Keep up with the News – Time For Kids and CNN Student News are two online sites to get your child started.

Learn “How To” Do Something New – Does your child like magic tricks, cooking, art, or origami? Encourage them to learn about “how to” do something new.

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