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5 Home Office Tips

A home office does not have to be a large space, but it does need a few key elements that will increase productivity and foster success. Optimizing your workspace saves time, keeps you focused and increases motivation. A closet transformed into an orderly workspace can be much more efficient than a large, disorganized office.

  • Lighting Make sure your space is well lit. Lighting is a huge influence on personal well-being and health, motivation and performance.

  • Stay Organized Ridding yourself of clutter keeps you focused and on task. When creating your work space, take time to organize your desk drawers and create files so you can find things when you need them. Clutter can be emotionally depleting.

  • Invest in Technology Don’t make due with slow or insufficient technology. Your time is precious! Don’t waste it looking at a frozen computer screen or fighting an old printer. Technology is supposed to make life easier not slow you down.

  • Get Comfortable Invest in a comfortable chair that provides proper support, and make sure it is an optimal height for the desk. An ergonomic workspace will keep you healthy and happy while working.

  • Boundaries Creating boundaries between work and personal duties will help you stay focused. Designing a space that is away from family responsibilities and distractions will help you get work done so time with your family can be spent relaxing and having fun.

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