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Preschool Class

Nathalie Hudyana

Class Registration

Does your child have any allergies?
Kinderdarten Enrichment
Pre-Primary Enrichment
Kindergarten Term 4
Pre-Primary Term 1
Pre-Primary Term 2
Kindergarten Term 1
Pre-Primary Term 3
Kindergarten Term 2
Kindergarten Term 3
Pre-Primary Term 4
Additional Programs
Can I use pictures of your child in class fo promotional purposes?
  • By checking the "I Agree" button, I understand that I am agreeing to the enclosed waiver and release of liability. I release and hold harmless Early Education Enrichment (EEE) and any of its agents from any liability as a result of personal injury or property damage sustained by me or my children while attending the EEE program. I voluntarily assume full responsibility for any risk of loss, property damage, or personal injury sustained by me or any of my family members while attending any of the EEE classes. I waive, fully discharge any claims, and release from any and all liability EEE and its agents.

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